Who is MACHelp?

MACHelp is me, Bob Hogan. I am an APPLE CERTIFIED Macintosh repair and IMG_0536-2support professional serving Apple Macintosh users in Marin County. I am also MICROSOFT CERTIFIED in Office for Mac.

My first Mac was a Mac Plus with a 20 megabyte hard drive, sometime in the mid-1980’s. Before that I worked with Apple IIe’s in a classroom environment. Moving the clock forward a bit (more computer teaching and working in an all-Macintosh retail store in San Francisco), I worked as an Apple Certified tech support person in an all-Mac school district in northern California. Our team had to maintain and troubleshoot approximately 1000 Macintosh computers. And we had to provide support to the faculty and staff (“Help, my email doesn’t work,” “Help, I can’t print,” “Help, I can’t get on the internet.”). Sometimes it was just “Help.” I cannot say that I have seen it all, but I have seen a lot of the problems that we all face in working with computers.

Believe it or not, I find this work very rewarding. We all rely on these machines so much in our everyday lives. People are very relieved when problems get fixed. I look forward to working with you.